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No matter how great a deck is, it is going to need to be repaired at some point. It could be decades old, or it may have just been built, but there will always come a time when a deck needs to be repaired.

By taking care of your deck, you can prolong the life of it. Many simple deck repairs can be done yourself but, for the more complicated stuff, you need to call in the professionals. If you are unsure about anything, you could make the problem worse. That is where we come in.

If you have an old deck that is structurally unsafe or just had one installed by a sub-par contractor, we can take a look and give you a free estimate. By having your deck professionally repaired, you create safety and security for your family and ensure that small problems do not become big ones.

We have years of experience building, installing, and repairing decks (and other yard structures). If you have any problems at all, give us a call and we will ensure that your deck is safe and secure.

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Why Is Deck Repair Important

Deck repair is about safety and saving money.

When a deck gets old, or when rot or mold settle into a new deck, the deck can become unstable. If a deck falls apart, it can cause damage to your property, and it can injure people too. Leave a deck for too long, and it will come crumbling down. Take care of the problem, and you are ensuring the safety of everyone around you.

You also want to tackle the little problems before they become big ones. Refinishing and painting your deck can protect the wood and stop you from having to replace boards. Ensuring that the foundation is strong is going to stop the deck from shifting and moving, causing more damage.

Take care of the small problems and you will save yourself some money along with ensuring the safety of those you love.

3 Reasons
To Hire Us

At Eugene Deck Builders, our goal is to build decks in Eugene and surrounding Lane County areas.

Reasons why you should choose us:

1. With decades of experience, we’ve seen it all when it comes to deck building and can handle anything.
2. Unlike many contractors, we actually answer the phone and always act professional.
3. Nobody is more experienced at building outdoor living spaces for the whole family.

5 Signs You Need To Repair Your Deck

Some signs of needed deck repair are obvious and some are not. Here are some things to look out for when you are next checking your deck. If you find any of these problems, give us a call for more information.

Rot In The Wood

If you notice that there is any rot in the deck wood, that can be a sign that the deck is unstable. Even if you do not find signs of rot in the foundations, rot in any part of the deck can mean that there is hidden rot in the structure of the deck, and that can mean that your deck is unsafe.

If you notice any rot anywhere on the deck, give us a call before you replace any of the wood. We can troubleshoot over the phone or come out for a look.

Deck Boards Crack Or Splinter

Deck boards cracking or splintering is a sign that the wood is becoming old. Cleaning and refinishing your deck can prolong the life of these boards, but they will start to wear down eventually. When you notice the wood deck becoming old, that can also mean that the structure and foundation are becoming old too.

Decks are particularly susceptible to this type of damage in climates with extreme temperature changes. Replacing boards can only do so much.

The Rails Loosen Or Become Unstable

Loose rails are a safety hazard. Even rails that are a little loose can make for an unsteady descent down the stairs and, if your deck is elevated, it could mean someone falling from an edge should a rail give way.

Even slightly loose rails can give way at any time, and you do not want to risk a fall for anyone, especially if the deck is wet. Don’t worry, though, we are here to help. We specialize in affixing rails and barriers so that they protect you and your family. If rails are loose, do not let anyone use the deck until it can be repaired.

Termite Damage

If there are holes in the wood, or you notice small grey creatures or droppings on your deck, then you could have termites. The sad thing about termites is that you generally only see them once it is too late. Signs of termites can mean that your deck is already riddled with holes.

If you notice termite damage on wood close to your deck, you may also have termites in the deck without you knowing. The best way to find out if you have termites or termite damage in your deck is to call out the professionals. Getting rid of termites is difficult, but we can help with that.

Gaps Between Deck & House

If a gap appears between your deck and house, especially if you have an attached deck, then you could have a serious problem. Not only is a shifting deck a safety hazard for those who use the deck, but a deck pulling away from your home can also cause serious damage.

In this situation, we recommend that you do not use the deck until you have someone who can come out and take a look at it. Catch it early and it can be fixed, too late and the deck may need to be replaced.

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We Repair Decks, Patios, Porches, And Shade Structures

It is not only decks that we repair, but we can also tackle almost anything.

With years of experience in building and installing yard structures, we can do decks, patios, shade structures, porches, and more. If we can build, it, we can fix it. It does not matter if the structure is old or new, we have the expertise and skills to take it on.

Give us a call to find out more.

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