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When you want to add a place in your yard to entertain, play, or relax, a patio is a perfect addition. The major advantage of a patio is that it can be situated anywhere in your yard, and it can be built out of almost any material.

Being installed at ground level, a patio is a great place to have outdoor furniture, provide a safe place for children to play, give a solid platform for a shade structure, or even allow for a barbecue area right outside your backdoor.

Patios are inexpensive to install and need little maintenance. They level an area for almost any activity, and with various options, such as poured concrete, they can be made to fit into small spaces or unusually-shaped areas.

With years of experience, we know what we are the experts that you need. We have built multiple patios in the area, using every material imaginable, and creating any shape that can be created. No matter the job, big or small, simple or complex, we can create it for you.

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What You Should Know About Patios...

A patio can replace a deck, but they are not quite the same. While a deck is usually elevated, even if i is only a few inches from the ground, a patio is not. Patios are inlaid into the ground after the area has been leveled.

The main advantage of a patio over a deck is that it costs a lot less. Of course, you can build an extravagant patio but, at its simplest, it is a level platform at ground level. Patios are not usually surrounded but can be if you want them to be.

If you place a patio outside your back door, it can become a direct replacement for a deck, but you would not elevate a patio like you would a deck. You will also find materials that a patio will utilize that a deck will not, such as concrete or slab, making them more durable and easier to take care of.

They are perfect for outdoor furniture, shade structures, and play areas. They can range in size from small to large and can be placed almost anywhere. Any yard can benefit from a patio.

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At Eugene Deck Builders, our goal is to build beautiful, comfortable and durable patios in Eugene and surrounding Lane County areas.

Reasons why you should choose us:

1. With decades of experience, we’ve seen it all when it comes to deck building and can handle anything.
2. Unlike many contractors, we actually answer the phone and always act professional.
3. Nobody is more experienced at building outdoor living spaces for the whole family.

Types Of Patio Material


Concrete is one of the most popular materials for a patio as the concrete can be poured directly into any space. This allows you to create a patio of any shape and lay it around obstacles.

Concrete is very durable and robust. It can take a lot of foot traffic and is very easy to clean and take care of. Once it is level, it will keep its shape and level surface.

Stone Paver

Stone pavers are cheap and effective. They give a similar finish to concrete, without having to be poured into an area. They are laid, instead, and that can be used to your advantage.

At the simplest, these pavers are rectangular and sit side-by-side. You can find pavers in any shape, and that can be used to create wonderful designs and shapes. Like concrete, they are great for high-traffic areas and easy to clean.

Finished Concrete

Finished concrete is durable and can be used to create a patio in any space. The advantage of finished concrete is that you can create any look that you like.

Before the concrete dries, it can be simply smoothed, or tools can be used to create patterns. You can make the concrete look like stone pavers, bricks, and even wood. The concrete can also be finished with color.

Treated Wood & Composite

If you are looking for an affordable patio, treated wood is perfect. It is inexpensive, durable, and easy to repair. Treated or composite wood is resistant to moisture, rot, mold, and insects (perfect for a patio that touches the ground).

Wood and composite also give a more natural look that will blend seamlessly into your yard. They are both are cheap to maintain yourself, and wood can be finished as you like it.

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Benefits Of Having A Patio

There are many benefits to having a patio but, one distinct one is that it will add value to your home. Whatever you invest in a patio will generally add the same amount to the valuation of your house.

They also add functionality. They are easy to install and maintain and provide a sturdy, level platform for tables and chairs, swing sets, craft areas, barbecues, and more. You can play games outdoors, host people, let children play, or sit in the shade and relax.

Patios are simple and functional.

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